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Live Chat

To Assist, Engage & Sell

Live chat is an essential element of every website, software or mobile application. Whatever is your online business, whatever it does or offer. Consider having live chat as important nowadays as having a website.

Live chat just like a website gives your business an online presence. It shows to visitors and customers that business is actually LIVE and Thriving. That you have designated a team or the founding team who is there to assist with inquiries, help onboard and resolve any issues that a customer or visitor may be facing.

  • LabiChat features like Marketing Campaigns, Triggered Messages, Bots, Help Articles and more will help you not only assist effortlessly but also onboard, sell and upsell to visitors and customers.

Message Campaigns

Triggered Messages as Marketing Campaigns

  • Triggered Messages or marketing campaigns in live chat is the type of outreach campaigns that helps companies reach out to their business leads and customers through Pop Up Messages, Push Notifications and Email.
  • Triggered Messages has shown a great ROI to many companies who facilitates this tool to its utmost potential. LabiChat has built in marketing campaign tools. You will be able to create triggered messages that will be delivered to your customers chat or email, and visitors chat window.
  • Engage your visitors, sell and upsell. Guide your customers, assist and point them into the right direction with triggered messages marketing campaigns. Your marketing team will be happy with the tools and management will be happy with the results. When customers will be happy with the kind of care and assistance you offer throughout their journey with your company product or service.


Keeping your customers updates!

  • Keep your customers updated with any changes in your business. Send them boosted announcements right in the chat app. Inform that of any upcoming features or events that you are planning to have. Changes in your schedule or upcoming maintenance.
  • Engage customers and visitors and announce updates in your product or service, features and tools. Keep them excited and informed. Gather feedback of how they feel about this or another announcement or update that you published. Build a long term relationship with your customers by keeping them in the loop with your product or service roadmap. Ask for their opinion and collect their reactions.

News, Announcements, Updates, Release Notes, Improvements, Bug Fixes and more.

Help Center Website

Build your own help center portal

  • LabiChat live chat offers simple integration with LabiKnow or LabiDesk where you can create a help center with a knowledge base for self service customers support. That way you can build your company's knowledge base with answers, tutorials and help articles and refer your visitors and customers to it. Where they can search for answers and assistance when live chat is out of the working hours.
  • Help center and knowledge will be there for your customers and visitors 24/7.
  • Also your team will be able to assist customers faster by answering their questions and providing them with detailed help articles.

Help Center website builder will help you design it up to your company brand and style.

Mini CRM

Contacts lists, segmentation & tracking

LabiChat online chat for customer support, marketing and sales comes with a mini CRM system. In your dashboard you will find your contacts list where all your website visitors and customers will be displayed.

As well as in the chat we show you a visitor or customer contact card with information about which pages they visited, how many sessions, prior interactions via chat or tickets, information about their location, operation system, their shopify order and more..

Everything your customer support team may need in order to assist customers in getting a 100% satisfaction score and retention!

Shared Inbox & Mailboxes

Create mailboxes & connect social profiles

  • LabiChat can be easily integrated with LabiDesk which offers integration with social profiles inboxes and also gives you an option to create multiple mailboxes for your team members and departments.
  • All the messages from your company social accounts and mailboxes will be gathered in one convenient dashboard.
  • Where your colleagues and team members can reply to the messages, escalate and assign them to the right department or team member, raise priority of the ticket (email), solve and close it.

Everything your team needs to assist customers in one beautiful shared inbox dashboard.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Measure customer satisfaction

Measuring customer satisfaction with SCAT scores. This gives your team an understanding of how good they are performing at assisting the customers..

  • You can send surveys at the end of the chat or in the tickets to evaluate each interaction with your customers.
  • Who if not the customer himself to judge how your team is performing. If customers are satisfied they will give your team member a high score.
  • You can track all your team members' chat evaluations and take necessary steps to drive team performance and thus customer satisfaction to the highest scores!

Make your brand exceptionally good in customers satisfaction!

Blog Post Analytics Blog Post Growth Metrics Blog Post Growth Metrics

Reports & Analytics

Tracking performance of your company

LiveChat live chat software tracks all the performance data and displays it in reports and analytics dashboard.

  • You can track how many chats your team handles on a daily or hourly basis.
  • You can track what are the busiest times of the day so you can designate more team members to the role of customer support at those hours.
  • You can track the most frequently raised questions and issues in the chat and write guidelines and help articles for that with LabiKnow Knowledge Base.
  • Tracking SCAT score and more with LabiChat online chat software.
When I saw this chat I thought it was another vague alternative to intercom or drift! But nah! These guys definitely know their business niche!

Tha live chat and apps around the LabiOffice they built are just mind blowing! Everything I need to run my business I can find here!

Satisfied - is an underestimating!
Fantastic experience! Great support! Very carrying to details and feature requests! I was waiting for this chat to come out of beta since March and it definitely was worth it!
Forget about intercom and crisp! Check out this guys! Not only do they have a great chat app, but also many other apps that chat can be integrated with. Which creates a standalone support system!
It's a great chat app! Deserves 5 stars! I was shopping around for a chat for my ecommerce site and I found Labichat to be very good in terms of pricing and features! Plus i can use their other apps, which is a good bonus!

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Start Chatting with Users Now

208 companies started Free Trial last month

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We are Lisa & Anthony!
We enjoy helping customers solve their issues!

And with the market full of customer support solutions it is really hard to find a true, reliable software to fulfill all "i wish it had this feature, "I wish it worked like that", requirements and to be nominated for a stellar product by those who are actually in trenches - the customer support agents!

That's why together with LabiOffice Suite team we decided to built our own solution, a simple and effective Live Chat - LabiChat! Hope on! Let's get you started!

Start Chatting with Users Now

208 companies started Free Trial last month

Live Chat Software to Assist Customers

LabiChat live chat software is one of the top choices for live chat. LabiChat live chat for websites is essential tools to assist customers and sell. There is a time in anyone’s business when they run into a rough patch. Where there are all the right things to do, but no course of action to take. This is especially true for small businesses that may be new to a certain website marketing niche. It’s during these times when the best course of action is to quickly bring in some live chat software to assist with selling. With the variety of tools available, you can find solutions that will really help your small business with getting the sales, customers and clients you’re looking for. While they come in all shapes and sizes, you have a number of options depending on the size of your business and how much you want to spend. LabiChat best live chat app for customer support. The platform is available for both, small and large businesses to communicate with clients and receive more orders. Customer support is delivered by a human-assisted agent, chatbot or with help of self service customer support and premade help articles. Live chat software to help startups to keep their customers happy. With more than a decade of experience in the customer support industry and helping small businesses, LabiChat has created a platform that helps startups and smaller businesses keep their clients happy. Client requests are handled in real-time with LabiChat. LabiChat best live chat to engage customers. The main factor that is driving the growth of live chat software market is the ability to achieve higher conversion rates. Live chat software vendors are offering live chat software that has built-in features to improve the customer experience. Online users are more likely to communicate via apps. This app-based technology can boost the sales as the customers can now chat with you in any type of format, whether that is live chat or SMS. With the rise of cloud-based data and artificial intelligence, live chat software has gained the popularity. For example, in the case of chat on Facebook, more than 50% of the traffic comes from mobile phones. LabiChat is essential for business owners to have. Whether it's an ecommerce website selling a new mobile phone, or a wholesale business who is selling a lot of books. A live chat software is a must-have for businesses today. LabiChat live chat software has a lot of uses, including serving as a way of better engaging with existing customers, and is making sales for websites.

Why Is It Necessary to Use Live Chat?

It's absolutely vital that a business uses live chat software for ecommerce websites. Live chat software is an invaluable tool that can save a lot of customers waiting and find new potential customers. Every website should have a live chat to interact with customers and engage with leads. LabiChat is an excellent live chat software to assist customers. This is a leading live chat software for any website where you want to receive live chat support. Live chat software is a new digital service providing assistance to customers who are looking for answers to their questions. It is a high-tech service, with the most advanced functions, and it assists users with anything they need on the internet. A live chat is crucial in customer support. LabiChat live chat is one of the best live chat software available for businesses and it is essential to conduct businesses online. LabiChat live chat software is essential tools that allow for easy support on a website. LabiChat live chat software offers customers a full experience. In order to gain a massive number of customers to utilize the live chat software and send them to the sales departments, users need to know about some features which can allow them to benefit from the support services and tasks. LabiChat live chat software provides a variety of tasks for the users which include quick registration, searching for the information, filling out forms, sending messages to members, tracking check-out and monitoring the action. Live chat for triggered messages, network communication, recruiting new customers, increasing client satisfaction, increasing customer retention. LabiChat live chat software is essential to any enterprise. Users have reported that it can help with your work or organization

Customer service automation Customer service is one of the major business aspects for a business.

Many business owners desire to have automated customer service management. It's an effective way to manage customer response, sales, and support systems. Customer service automation software enables businesses to automate customer service with the help of a chat engine or a web interface. Customer service automation software allows businesses to manage and improve the customer experience. The ultimate goal of this type of software is to eliminate frustration and help the customers more easily and effectively. Live chat for customer satisfaction A live chat software is a software which allows you to chat with clients in real time. There are several live chat software in the market which work in the market and are suitable for different platforms. You can set up a live chat using a dashboard to manage all aspects of the customer relationship online. Ecommerce store owners want to focus on their business and let others make the marketing and sales. But customer service is vital to retain customers and create loyal customers.